About Us

On the 1/1/24 we have moved to our new office at 67-69 Sydenham Road, Norwood, SA 5067 (formerly Level 1, 80 Brougham Place, North Adelaide, SA 5006) We are in the process of revamping our website and office.

At Refinancer, we’ve developed a way that makes the home loan application process easy. In fact, we reckon we’ve perfected it.

Our goal is to make everything as simple as possible for you, while making sure your time is put to its best use. How?

We’ve automated the boring bits. We let our tech take care of all the data entry, giving our brokers more time to research loans and find you better-suited options, all while having more time to be available for you.

We’re half online, half real human interaction. A hybrid. Think of us as a computer with feelings. Or a person with a supercomputer attached to them. (Actually, maybe not that second one. That’s weird.)

The truth is that not every home loan out there is going to suit you. And if you’re like most people, you only want to know about the lowest market rate available to you. You don’t want to spend hours looking at tens of thousands of different products.

We make it easy for you by doing the research, and presenting you with only the best products on the market, within 24 hours. Why waste your time when an expert can do a full analysis for you, and get it back to you so quickly—for free? And let’s be honest, until you actually do speak to an expert it’s pretty hard to make a decision about what will work best for you.

The reality is that the average Aussie probably has other things they need to think about. You might have a home loan, credit cards, car loans, and personal debt—and no other platform out there takes that into consideration.

We do. By refinancing your personal debt, you’ll save heaps more than when you just refinance your home. You shouldn’t have to suffer just because your broker or bank gets lazy.

We help you avoid this by factoring everything in when assessing your options: home loans, personal loans, the lot. It’s just common sense.

We also give you a choice of how you contact us. Whether you want to speak to us over the phone, or you’re happy to take care of things online, we’ve got you covered.

That’s because we’re the new guys in the business. We aren’t resting on our 30 years’ experience. We’re new, and we’re listening.

Our Managing Director has only been in the game for four years. But after spending 12 hours a day, with 15 different consultations, he learnt exactly what the everyday Aussie wants in their loan process. He realised we needed to think differently. So, we’ve developed careful strategies that help you get the loan that works best, quickly and with the best chance of approval.

Right now, the average Australian family throws away almost $4,000 a year extra on interest repayments that they shouldn’t need to pay. What would you do with $4,000 a year more in your pocket?

That’s a lot of smashed avo you could be eating. Do you want the banks taking your brunch money?

We’ve got access to dozens of lenders, and we’re working for you. By playing the banks against each other, and by carefully researching the market, we’ve developed a way for you to pay as little as possible on your loan.

And unlike the banks, we don’t make it hard or confusing. We keep things in plain English, and give you a simple platform that makes it impossible to let the banks take advantage of you.

Welcome to Refinancer.

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